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  Jiangsu Fuerte Lighting Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. (former Danyang Hualian lamp factory), the business scope of the company is city and road lighting engineering, lighting design, manufacture, sales, installation; LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED landscape lights; solar lighting device, scenery complementary lighting device, design, sales, installation, high pressure die; transmission power pole, UHV power facilities sales; Landscaping Engineering, engineering design, technical prevention safety construction; sales. Company is mainly engaged in the municipal engineering, lighting engineering, served in Sichuan Province (Nanchong, Dazhou, Guang'an, Guanghan, Deyang, Zitong, Anshun, asbestos, Hanyuan, Pengshan area), (Qinghai, Xi'an) import and export road lamp lighting, government buildings and Park Plaza lighting project.


  After years of hard work, our company has accumulated rich experience, has achieved "road lighting engineering three construction qualification", "safe production license" and "self import and export rights". Forte has a production equipment, 900-1600T die casting machine, hydraulic machine, spraying, assembly line and other equipment professional. Over the years, first to the quality of life, reputation for blood, in manufacturing industry of lamps and lanterns through unremitting efforts, especially in the road lighting and green lighting and other fields become an independent school, and through ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification and CCC compulsory product certification system certification, and achieved good reputation and customer recognition, development and production responsible for many domestic and international large-scale lighting lamps, with its superior quality, moderate price, leading the trend of the times of the products, both at home and abroad to win the praise of the industry.


  Our company has dozens of years practical experience of professional talent, leading technology, professional level, quality of service, to meet the various needs of users, we illuminate the road ahead, look forward to working with you to work together, share a bright future, together toward a better tomorrow.